Leones' Creamery

A Little Ditty About the Team at Leones’ Creamery

Leones' Creamery ice creamWe are so excited to carry this amazing local, handmade ice cream in our shop.

Leones' CreameryLeones' Creamery is owned and operated by sisters, Hannah Leone and Rebecca Leone Williams, along with Rebecca's husband, John Leone Williams.

Ice cream is more than just our job, it's our absolute passion! Made with love in small batches, our flavors range from the classic to the absurd, but never fall short of delicious. We love putting our heads together to create unique and delicious hand-crafted, creamy goodness. Our team is over-the-moon about our community and customers, so we strive to produce only the tastiest and highest quality product to please their palates. As often as possible, we utilize and feature local ingredients that highlight our sweet little corner of the Earth. From our Crow Peak's Pile-O-Dirt Porter to our Spearfish Valley Rhubarb ice creams, we've got a fierce pride for the Black Hills, and love that we can showcase that through our tantalizing creations. Our flavors rotate and switch on the daily, so you're always bound to discover a new favorite!

These are some of the flavors we carry, and plan to rotate some seasonal flavors as they are created.

  • Chipmunk Treasure: Our ode to the delicious Chipmunk Treasure truffle! We start with a creamy milk chocolate base and stir in toasted coconut, Chubby Chipmunk's toffee and our house-made hot fudge...too delicious for words.
  • Leones' Creamery staffLeones' Creamery TeamLondon Fog: This is the most-requested flavor. We infuse Earl Grey tea into our milk/cream mixture and add vanilla beans.
  • Butter Pecan: A dreamy, creamy concoction with hints of caramel and vanilla – studded with butter-drenched-pecans. Heaven!
  • Death by Chocolate: A creamy chocolate base with a hot fudge swirl and a variety of chocolate pieces mixed in: white chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, semisweet chips. What doesn't kill you...
  • Peanut Butter Oreo: A delicious take on the classic peanut butter-chocolate combo, this flavor is a clear favorite amongst customers!
  • Sweet Cream: The most basic of all ice cream flavors. Cream, milk, eggs, sugar – nothing else added. A very delicious “old-fashioned” ice cream flavor, reminiscent of the home-churned stuff!
  • Double Dark: We get a deep dark chocolate flavor using heaps of unsweetened cocoa powder and just a smidge of strong coffee.